B-33 Luderitz Speedchallenge 2013

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=> P Railton: "The Luderitz World Record Race this year is going to be tough, competitive and mindblowing.
Double the number of riders this year as compared to last year, and records to be smashed!!!

Chris Benz Worldrecord race, champions on the water. Te kloppen record 52,05 knopen door Antoin Albeau.
Van 7 oktober tot 17 november nemen verschillende Belgen deel aan de Speedchallange waaronder Alain De Gendt B-33.

Alain B-33 bij ATV:


Indien de video niet werkt LINK

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Update 28/10/13:

left Luderitz a few day earlier then originaly planned. the wind forecast didn't look that promising and if we would have scored wind I'd
had to stop myself to sail anyway. Driving south has been an incredibly asventure so far.
I prefer to drive the dirt roads and see some remote places and wildlife instead of using the normal road.
The first night I stayed in Hondeklipbaai and yesterday aftern...oon, I made it to Elandbay and got that charmed with the Wit mossel Backpackers and
the people I found myself having a drink with, that I just stayed there. Lovely laid-back time!!
Now I,m at Langebaan, having a pasta at Pearly's. This is the Bredenkamp homespot.
Hennie I hope to see tonight and Braden let me in in Sjoukje s place( so I could get online again).
yes, I could live at this place, you've got taste Hennie!

Update 25/10/13:

I just was informed by Boris Vujasinovic , who is pretty familiar with the Gps forum and more precisely with the stats behind it,
that I am actually ranked nr 1 in my age and weight categorie globaly. He introduced me in these amazing interesting rankings with all these data.
Time to become a goldmember as well I believe. Thanx en you just made my day Boris.

Update 24/10/13:

Mogelijk Nieuw Belgisch record Serieproductieboards - wachten op bevestiging ..........

I felt really stupid today to arrive at the spot that late while the whole bunch was having lots of fun in the big gusts.
There was a nice and relaxed atmosphere, no stress at all at the start, cause no one must have been thinking about sailing PR's anyway.
I knew I was gonna hate myself in a few days for not having sailed that last day, no matter for what reason and how gusty it was.
I took all ...the time of the world to rig and waited to see when they might be going faster to have a few runs.
I planned on doing the usual 5 runs for the average GPS ranking. But then I thaught, why not go for the Belgian Serial production record?
Only problem was I had no production board (In fact 1 of the 2 boards I brought to Luderitz is a 2006 production board,
but lost that status because the graphics have been changed- ISA regulation). So I asked Anders if he could fix me a board,
and this way I ended up using Zara Davis her board, that actually was already sold to Spotty (thanx again Spotty!!) so I had to be really carefull.
My fin fitted in perfect and every run I adapted the settings a bit, but the wind got weaker and weaker. After 5 runs and not a single really good one,
I stopped, so I offered the board to Sophie for checking it, but after radiocontacting the WSSRC observer(who is in the timing truck at the end of the run)
she said you have to go to Michael and have it checked/signed by him. They easyiest way to go that way was.... by sailing down the canal.
And this run, just to get to the commisioner to do the claim, was my last and fastest run of the day (unfortunately still with a big (4 kts) lull in it)
and might be the new Belgian Serial production record. I hope to have the result of the claim before leaving tomorrow afternoon.
This continuos speedranking for serie and customboards is a typical Belgian thing and exclusif for Belgians. It includes only times sailed in official
speedcompetitions(worldwide), it has nothing to do with the GPS sit, it's been started up in 1989, long before we even heard of GPS speedsailing.
So its was a pretty unique initiatif in the pre-GPS era.
In this way the Belgian speedscene has a history that goes back 24 years. They say tomorrow there will be no more wind...

Update 23/10/13:

To all of you, new and old surfbuddies. It's really nice to read you enjoyed it as well as I did.
There was far more to tell, more impressions to share, but sometimes there was no time or energy left to put it in writing.
And when the next day was again kind of mindblowing, then you end up missing out some part.
This writing is my therapy in saving the memories, it works that way for me, for that reason e.g.
I kept my surfstatitics up to date for a few decades( untill the quantity of sessions dropped under a critical level due to various reason!)
For those of you who can read Dutch/ Afrikaans,( limited parts are in English) have plenty of stories left to read of
my travelling years as speedcompetitor/ soultripper on the old www.surfgasm.org website.
When sometimes asked for tips regarding the spots I sailed in those days I refer to that because it's my written memory on
having had great moments while enjoying one of the nicest sports on the planet.
Thanx again old and new friends and......"Have a surfgasm, on no matter what board" just keep on riding!
Alain B-33

Update 22/10/13:

Probably my last day at the canal, and I pushed all 6 different records you can set on this canal. (5 GPS and 1 Videotimed 500m)
This morning I felt like I could do not more then 2 runs, because yesterday I had simply blown up the engine.
But realising that this were my very last hours on this spot with suitable wind, did miracles to me.
The wind was far from perfect in the first part of the day a...nd my times kept on decreasing
(while I kept on using less and less weight to compensate the dying wind) and at a certain moment I concluded it's over.
I took my board to the container and while starting undressing me, I heard the wind started pumping again. So I pulled myself together,
took straight away 10,2 kilo of lead on my shoulder and went for it. It was the start of my nicest and fastest speedsession to date.
Close but no cigar for the 90km/h peek. And this was not even enough to claim back the Belgian record from B-52 who took it from me yesterday (congratz again Pat),
but so what. It was big fun, my runs had huge difference in speed(up to 7 kts) so that ment it was very gusty and I could have set better average with a bit of luck if I
would have had a gust all the way, but that's speedsailing....we were all chasing for these gusts.
I took me a day to adept to the new board I used and I only found the settings that worked for me in the second part of the day. But then it was simply kicking.
I wanted to rescedule my flight back home because the forecast looks bad for the following days, but I have to wait untill thursday for a new tired to be delivered,
so no use in doing that, I will do a chill out drive back via the westcoast of SA to Cape Town, no better way to cool down of this event.
The next days I will put all my speedstuff for sale, those who are interested, just let me know.

Photo: Namibian desert Jackal licking his lips for tomorrows action.
Namibian desert Jackal licking his lips for tomorrows action.

Update 21/10/13:

Had a battle with the other Belgian, but it's not very clear where we ended because not all my times have been put ad valvas.
How come? I happen to share the same sailnumber as the Turkisch Lena Erdil, BEL-33 and TUR-33. But the computer only accepts one 33,
so I switched to 833 for the time being(we re-shaped the B a littlebit with ducktape). But we also use the same sailbrand,
same colour and s...ame size....I could only find 2 runs back at the board and then there didn'y happen anything anymore, although I sailed a few more.
When I was about to start for another run, the crew came to tell me they had put some of my runs on the "account" of Lena.
So I don't know what to expect. I first started with no lead, but the wind increased fast, so I took 10,2 kilo in one time,
but that still wasn't enought to deal with the gusts, so I took my extra weight jacket and sailed-ran around with aprox. 18 kilo.
I used the whole day my 5,1 Loftsails Blade.
Because the fastest times have been set in a pretty small time window(I heard), I can't say who won this battle of the Belgians,
I was leading untill they stopped adding my times. Tonight we will get the files as usual, so I will fwd mine to my webmaster to have it put online
on the Surfgasm website and at the Belgian forum and suggest Patrick to do the same. would be nice to analyse.
Only my first 2 and last 2 runs were put on the board and those in between might make the difference.
I also can't post the file yet at the GPS forum, because I don't succeed in adding the new board to my "equipement".
It was a very strange session and the start was difficult today and the gusts were strong, and after having witnessed the crash
of Zara Davis just 100m before my eyes(that probably ends her event on the first day already due to a knee injury resulting from this crash!) I called it a day,
seeing this happen, simply killed all my motivation to go for another run. It looked really bad, I was filming her run while driving back upwind,
but stopped 3-4 seconds before the crash. I think I sailed a pretty good 5x average, but for the record is 1 x 500 is enough.

It's official, papers are signed. Now I start from scratch for a new record with a new board(s). hope to sit here next week again.

More pics ...

It's 07hoo and the tree in front om my room moves already, Seb told last noght to expect 40+ kts.... Would be great!

I take a risk by switching boards, the left one is so far one of the fastest boards at this event( when ridden by Gauthier ofcourse)
lets see if I can make the Switch, the difference in VMAX between the 2 is a good 2 kts, Pc2 is bigger and ...considerably longer,
so it should give me a smoother ride in the chop I hope. I didn't measure and compare the scoop-rocker line. The waterstart will be for sure more easier,
so that's always a nice extra and saves me a lot of energy. I also added loads of spacers in the Blades, (21 pieces in total for 3 sails,
I had to strip down the 5.6 of all his spacers to tune the 5.1/4.9 and the 4.6. It,s all or nothing. Before leaving Remo told me his secret: spacers and
even more spacers. I didn't rig the sails with the new setup, I will see the result when the wind is there.

Update 20/10/13:

The wind is picking up again, skippers at 12h00. I would prefer an extra day of rest for sure,
but if they would open the strip then I will go, I need to tune the new board to my settings and find the sweet spot. Getting pretty nervous again

This is the timingboard (see below) as we see it on the spot.
Windsurfers and kiters mixed.
It looks indeed a bit more crowded then the page on the GPS website with the results sailed on that very same day.
So far this is my latest Belgian record da...y and what makes me feel even better is that I sailed it in these very extreme conditions.
the crashes happened that day speek for themselves. I traditionaly perfrom better in technical demanding conditions compared to the smooth sessions.
It was also the very first time that I felt my fin "working" during the mega gust I had, It was the alarm sign for me. So I stopped sailing after that run.
After analysing the results with Gautier(who sailed the fastest 5 x Average on 500m that day, simply amazing and big respect!),
my 500m run seemed to be the 5th fastest 500m run of the day, again also according the GPS site postings( because we don't get to see one anothers rundetails)

That's is to good to be thru, and to make it even better; ONLY 2 national records were pushed that day, the Swiss one from Remo and mine.

Gautier left me his board, so I hope to score one perfect session on better conditions (a bit less deep angle and higher tide) to smash my record one more time.
There's one week left for me and now the number of competitors is reduced to 20 instead of 30, so less stress and no more traffic jam,
so mutch more runs can be sailed and so the change of having the golden gust gets way bigger.
But most of all, the canal is getting better with every windy day, the wind keeps on shaping off the upwind side,
after all this is sandblasting what happens here when the wind is at its strongest. It kills the glossy look of our boards and the transsparancy of the sails,
but it's part of the game and we get something in return for this. And the downwind was getting sprayed every time one of the kiters passed by,
so that must result in a better "trailing edge" for the windflow.
To bad I will have to miss out on the last 3 weeks of the event, but no matter what happens when I'm gone,
I had the most thrilling weeks of my windsurfing life and that can't be taken away anymore

Small correction, 4 national records were pushed, it's getting hard to keep up the correct status.
Tonight we have a small ceremony for those who leave and those who arrive, best moment to make a final inventory of the past 2 weeks,
because we might sail again today and who knows what will happen this afternoon. The wind was suppose to come in late, but he's already here

Die mooie beestjes staan letterlijk op 1 poot te slapen, met de kop in hun verenkleed gestopt, in wind waar ik moeilijk kan ik wandelen.
Ben vorige week tot op een meter of 3 genaderd van een zo'n staand slapend exemplaar(was natuurlijk benedenwinds genaderd,
dus hij/zij kon me niet horen of ruiken aankomen) Deze is natuurlijk wel wakker, want vliegen doen ze nog niet slapend

Update 19/10/13:

Weer Belgisch record speed 45,7 kn!!!!!!!! Check results day 6

Tired, tired and tired. I have put a short explanation at the GPS site.
I pulled that hard I felt a small vain bursting in the palm of my hand.
I took about the same sailsize as the heavyweights, Antoine was on 5,8m². I simply set a new r...ecord on my biggest sail!!!
and in far from perfect conditions is the least you can say. Still can't believe it.
Please; 2 day's of rest and then one hour of perfect conditions is all I ask?
check: gps-speedsurfen.com

Meet the Luderitz Canal.:

PATTERSON — with Alexandr Goncharov at Lüderitz Speed Challenge.
Alex, I want your speed. check that rolling chop


Update 18/10/13:

The past few hours I've been downloading and checking my Gopro footage.
Yep I have a few nice runs to share with all of you!

It's now 09:07 and the wind is here again!!! So another hard day ahead. But I will stick to my normal regime: 5 runs and back to the guesthouse.
This is mindblowing. And ofcourse I hope the first run will be again a new National record!?! Fingers crossed.


Pain and wind woke me up this early, but no recuperation possible
Last night we received this mail:

Dear riders,

Please find attached the results of day 5.
Skipper meeting : 11 am
Start : 12 am
Enjoy your evening,
Sophie & Ophély

Last night in "the Barrels" one of the meeting points of the riders xe were with one 5 in total.
The Rissian and the Ukranian, a Greek , a Croatian and me. The first 2 were eating crayfishvto celebrate their new records and penultimate session here in Luderitz.
Especially the 103 kilo heavy atletic and very muscular Russian was happy, he did over 47 average.
We both set our national records before on the same days with EXACT the same speeds and pushed it later again in the same day with Again the EXACT same speed ,
but fpr his last good day on the canal he took an extra 8 kilo of lead. So yesterday we both pushed our national records again,
but the now acccumulatrd 20 kilo weight difference I could no longer compensate. I hit the barrier.
I must start to accept there is a limit to what I can compensate by experience and tecniek.
I was told last night Patrik ( 108 kilo) uses up to 17 kilo lead!!!! Were is this gonna stop.
I hope only next week for me, because at the next big day, I become leadman! And grab all lead I can find.

Update 17/10/13:

New Belgian Record for Alain de Gendt with 45.38 kts!!!!!

The very first run of the day was my best one. The wind was gusty and there were lulls on the strip, but that goes for everyone.
It's a lottery and the more tickets you buy the more change you have to get the good one. I tried with more lea...d(from 10,2 kilo up to 11,450kilo)
I released my downhaull to have more power in the lulls, but that gave me a hard time in the gusts...
There is no solution for lulls and gusts except hoping to only have a gust all the way down. I did 5 runs to have my minimum 5 x average for the GPS site
and called it a day. I keep on hoping for the ultimate big day(to use 4,9 or maybe the 4,6m) with high tide.
The higher tide we can sail in, the faster we can go because of the less turbulence, so no need in exhausting my body any further and save the arm for the last week.
It's a gamble I take but if we can have the high tide and high wind in one session in my last week, then I give it all. I'm pretty close to what I expected to be able to do,
I'm not that far away anymore from what I hoped to be able to do, and I feel that I might do what I never had hoped to be able to do.
If the time is there for the smallest fin combined with my smallest sail, then why not....the canal is getting better with the day

The wind is already very strong, about the strenght he normaly develops at 13h00. So that means it's gonna be very windy.
We would not be surprised to get 60 kts today and then comes into action ( for me ar least) "the law of deminishing return"
Today no more testing and fully focused on pushing the record. Time for the smaller sail sizes. After my session from yesterday,
I broke so far all my G...ps records,( so they are all Belgian Records) that simply can be sailed on a 500 m canal.
Peek display 1 sec, 2sec, 10sec, 5x10 sec, 100m, 250m, and 500m. You should be tired from less then that, and that is exactly how I feel,
empty and drained.,so I promise myself to only sail if the conditions are suitable for a new record. If not then I (have) to pass.
I went pretty deep yesterday. 2.5 hours to go before timing starts.

Update 16/10/13:

Again a day I will never forget.
It started this noon at skippersmeeting. Seb and Sophie were pretty excited to let me know that I had an extra record,
my last recordrun was downloaded +50000 times from their website in just 24 hours time. After the skippersmeeting Sandrine another crew member
said it was already over 52000x! Wow that's the way to put pr...essure on somebody! But everything OK, because immediatly when the timing started running,
I did a good run and the second one was an amazing run with a peek over 46kts Why I felt it was amazing? Because I sailed both on a 2006 old production board
(2005 shape) with a (to the standards of this event) "simple symmetrical", 20,5cm big fin(Casper Ultra 20,5 Alanized 2011) and
on a prototype RRD Firewing 5,7 2014 a sail that before this event never had been tested. So I had to put the settings on my gut feeling.
And in speed, especially in these extreme conditions, it's all in the details.
So my short experience yesterday late afternoon on the lagoon in pretty overpowered conditions with this same Firewing paid off pretty fine.
I had went out with some of the newly arrived Swedish and a Russian. Because we had to drive a short part by car before getting to the launch area in the lagoon,
I had quickly packed some things together out of the container and while hurrying me I forgot to take my helmet and impactvest with the leadplates.
So once rigged up and hooked in for the first runs, I realised I was missing a good 10 kilo's to sail this combo comfortable. But no pain, no gain,
(and I was already that late on the spot that it was getting very low tide, so no more time to lose by driving back) so I held on and I had a very intense session.
On my 2 last runs I put "the pedal to the metal" and peeked 40,15kts over some serious chop. That is very fast in these con-dition,
especially because I had also taken a too big boom and the profile was clearly badly influenced by that. But he! Then you feel alive.

That brings me to last sunday ockt 13th: On sunday we were offered some serious hardcore conditions.
Dieter measured 54 kts at the bend and on walking back he experienced stronger gusts.
I set only 2 runs, on my 5,1 Loft Blade 2014 but they counted like 20 to me. The exactdetails have faided a bit by now because adrenaline and
endorfines happens to have that effect on me, but I do remeber doing the first one (being recorded by my Belgian collegue-fiend BEL02)
well powered op at the start en hereby setting my record a few knots faster 44,64kts then the one set earlier that week.
It was a pretty scary experience, but you can't stand on one leg, so I went for a second one, this start was a bit less, but once around the corner,
It seemed I was on another spot, I simply didnt's sail the strip, I faught my way tot the finish. Some parts of the strip were sendblst area's
The video shows it, this is not a nice smooth run, but a strugle, not a second I'm in the correct stance, but I didn't want to give in and agian
set an new Belgian record, 44,94Kts appeared at valvas, but far more impressive to me; a peek of 47,76 kts!!! and most scary thing was
I sailed an over 45kts average on GPS wheile having passed the finisch, meaning I kept on accelerating were the strips comes to his end.
OK I didn't wanted to push my luck any further and called it a day, the forecast for the comming day's look better (safer, due to higher tide levels)
so 2 new records set on 2 runs with a sail never used before, gives you an ok feeling to go home and have a hot shower.

Tomorrow the 17 was announched as D-Day at the windguru, sorry for my good German friends here, but here we come again to cross the canal!
Congratz to all who set PR's the past day's and to those still adapting to the canal, it's worth putting in the effort is the least to say.
Sailig it down in search of a gust feels much nicer instead of sailing it down and hoping to miss out on a gust

Update 15/10/13:

Vandaag beetje onverwacht hard core highwind slalomsessie gevaren. Bedoeling was een uurtje losvaren.
Maar eens op het water realiseerde ik me dat ik zonder gewichtsvest aan het varen was, en me dus zwaar verslikt had in zeilmaat,
tot dikke 30 kts op de lagoon en ik voer met de 5.7 RRD. 1 keer echt zwaar op de pedaal getrapt omdat ik eens wilde weten wat het zeil kan doen en
op mijn schermpje vers...cheen een dikke 40kts, gevaren op chop! Ik hoop dat dit klopt en niet nog iets van eergisteren was.
Dat is gewoonweg schitterend en heb ik nog nooit gevaren in zo'n omstandigheden. op de Gps site kan je zien dat John Skye ook
Firewings aan het testen is in Arinaga, een soort speedspot op Gran Can. Ook de RRD is dus een buitengewoon snel zeil.
Voel me dus super en de forecast ziet er niet normaal uit, 7 dagen volle bak wind, misschien vanavond nog snel die sessie posten op de Gps
speedsite en dan bed in want morgen om 12 uur begint een ( hopelijk ) fenomenale 7 daagse. Uiteraard wil ik mijn record nog verder pushen

=> Mijn Belgische recordrun, piek 88,56km/uur in windvlagen gemeten aan de start van 54 kts (+100km/uur).
The Belgian Windsurfer, Alain De Gendt record holder with 44,94 kts - 12/10/13:

Update 13/10/13:

This 5.1 Loftsails Blade Proto delivered!!! Today again 2 x times a new Belgian record in just 2 runs sailed. Speeds to be varified by organisation.


Results day 2:

What a day!
At the moment we don't have the final results yet, but the GPS readings are a good indication.

During the day Ben and I probably switched the Belgian record.

The overall Belgian speedrecord was taken from me by Christian Barret, a South African-Belgian (or Belgian-South African,
I still don't know for sure and I never checked if he ever had a Belgian sailing license) in october 2008,... on this very same spot.
The Belgian speedwindsurfing records (Nautical mile and 500m) were mine since november 2006, I had taken the 500m record from
Boris Saverijs who set it in the good old days in Tarifa (july 1993).
The history of the records can be verified in detail on the WSSRC website.

Most people today started on their biggest kit, but that was in most cases not enough to set a nice fully powered run. My first run was only around 30tks,
sailed partly unhooked because of the last part enabling me to pump myself to the finishline.
But a certain moment I fell and saw that there was a period of more wind. This is not a competition, but Ben and I were both in the run for the Belgian record,
so I deceided to simply start behind him. But we have to alternate with the kiters to start, so I ended up doing a run a few minutes behind Ben 's one.
For as far as one can judge the quality of another riders run from that distance, I had seen he had done a pretty good one. My start was not so bad,
but the second part of my run was simply done at the end of the last gust of that windier period, so... On arriving I saw Ben already sitting on the trailer
with a big smile on his face....he just set his PR on the 500 and probably this was a few tens of a knot faster then our "old" record.
Normally we wait to "fill up" a trailer with 3 windsurfers and some kitesurfers for the drive back upwind, but because the wind had dropped during my run,
I stood there with the one kiter that had run between us just waiting and waiting. We saw several attempts being aborted and after 10 minutes or so,
I asked the drivers to bring us back because we were getting cold of the waiting.
I estimate that it took another half hour before the wind picked up again, and suddenly the heat was on! The wind became stronger and stronger,
sand flew around everywere and white cuffs appeared in the strong gusts.
For this feeling I've been doing this for so long, the moments before you set your run, you know you will go fast, very fast, at least if you make it.
I did a run and hardly could hold the rig in the gusts, my speed was not that impressive, so next attempt I crancked down
the sail another 2 cm and took 5,2kg lead extra.(10 kilo in total)
That worked ofcourse! Then I desided to go for all or nothing, the wind kept increasing, gusting 45+kts said a guy with an anemometer,
I was still on the same size as men who weight 25-30 kilo's heavier. The biggest sail I saw out there today was a 6,3m² but the guy managing this is
Thomas Doblin a 130 kilo's German kolos.
So I downhauled another cm. I could no longer waist energy and lined up and waited for a big gust. The run was far from perfect and I was scared and
could not close the sail the way I should have done, but I simply wanted to go back home in one piece.
The mean reason why I went for this last run, was that I had set 2 runs after the good one from Ben that were not put ad valvas,
so I didn't know for sure if I had beaten Ben or not. The display's of the 2 Gps devices I used were flipping. When I arrived back at the starting zone,
I only saw a 42 before correction and on the ride back upwind I had seen the display flickering way over 43 kts.

Good to know is that we ran today in a canal that was not completely filled due to the low tide, so I can expect myself to sail way faster.
When driving back upwind you sometimes only see the shoulders of the riders, image what we would have sailed if the canal would have been filled better,
we need to sail with this kind of wind at high tide and then some would have past the 50kts barrier for sure. I have 2 more weeks to get these ideal conditions.

Update 12/10/13:

=> Wat een mooi en spannend en tactisch duel was dat met Ben (bel o2) !
op de rechterkolom ontbreken nog een 3-4 runs van mij, het verhaal daarrond zet ik asap online. Ben was me eventjes voor met scherper stellen van het record,
maar naarmate de wind sterker werd 40-45 kts heb ik dat kunnen overnemen. we voeren beide met loft Blades 5,6m.
Het verschil tussen boven en onder de lijn is voor en na correctie, na nazicht van de video, ook bij de correcte tijden moeten er nog enkele bijkomen van mij.
Wie wil zet het op het forum met vermelding graag dat ik het verslag op mijn fb zet en het daarna ook op de surfgasm website komt.
Ben heeft mijn recordrun trouwens gefilmd. Exacte tijd  weet ik dus nog niet, op gps display piekte ik 43,58 maar er zat wel degelijk een gat in de wind dus....
Morgen terug wind, eindelijk. <=

The World Record Attempt in Lüderitz is ON!

2 Records on 07 October!
8 Records today – 12 October!

This morning, the wind picked up slowly but surely from 11am, starting with an average of 20 knots.
It increased the whole day reaching 30-35 knots average with some stronger gusts. This, the first real day of racing has provided additional
skills and confidence to the riders who had their first ever experience of the Lüderitz channel! 

Australian Windsurfer Tony Wynhoven, opened the gateway of records today with 43.93kts, but which was then taken by
Andrew Daff with 44.29kts and Jacques Kint following close on his heels with 44.09 kts. 

The 2 Belgian Windsurfers Ben Vanderick (40.94 knots) and Alain de Gendt (42.14kts) fought hard today and
both have broken the national Belgian record. 
The Ukrainian Record Holder Alexander Goncharov (in Windsurfing) achieved 40.95 kts last year,
displayed his unstoppable motivation the whole day and improved his Record 5 times! Ending up with 44.11 kts.

The Kitesurfer Ole Kjaer who has broken the National Record on Monday the first day of the event, in only 20 knots of wind with 39.67 kts,
has also smashed it with 46,26 kts and the Swedish Roger Ornvang who broke the record in Kitesurfing on Monday with 36.92 kts
has increased his performance to 37.63kts.

Remo Diethelm the best Windsurfer of the day has broken the Swiss Record (in Windsurfing) many times, ending with 45.72 kts, with continuous improvement.

Then the organizer of the event, Sébastien Cattelan, French Record Holder,
double World Record Holder lead the day with 10 runs over 52 knots ending with 52.87 kts.

Tomorrow (13.10.13), the conditions look good to produce even better performances! 

Check: DAY 1:



- Chaping ths canal -
Francesco equalizing the upwind part next the canal:

Here you see the effect on the sand next the leading edge of the canal, no need to say wich zone we swipped and what what left untouched,
a small child kan see the differene, but some refuse it to see. We ende up with the majority leaving us alone to do the job!!!
They seemed not to realise by doing so they're simply s...crewing themself! I fid what I could and found myself with only
one more guy working further in the afternoon, so 2 guys alone with shuffles, because to manipulate the net we needed to have at least 5 guys and 5 more to
support/push the 4x4 because the car whas not up for a job like this. Let's hope these first windy days will be an eyeopener.
Were all on the same mission, blasting our PR. And with talking theoretical bulschit you dont move sand , with shuffles you do.

Finetuning the canal: Hardworking labour!

These sidewalls are between 110 and 60ch high with amnsmall variation in hight furcto the thide, there more ore less" vertical" so immagine
the wind behaviuor en more specice what it dus to the sailpart below the boop. Next pix whe have flattend this steel sidewall off by dragging
a several hundred heavy fischingnet over this sharp edge. The result after pnly one go was this

We finaly ended up with 5 guys doing the job! What a shame and most of all a missed change for tomorrow and the coming days.
I hope some will realise the trick with the old fishing net worked perfect! But only 5 people and a 4x4 can't do what 23 men might have done!
It was that havy of a job That we even broke the 1cm diameter steel chain pulling the net. I have pix from before and after, it's a huge difference.
Hopefully next week they will realise the potential of this method and help instead of simply leaving the place. Yes you can say I'm pissed

Sweetend surface canal


I asked for less wind, I got less wind. The canal opened at 13 h. I went immediatly out to set the first run and ended up with a 34 kts aver 500m,
I was using a 43 cm with the RRD Firewing Proto 5,6. Because I thought there was more wind then effectively was the case,
I had taken 5 kilo lead. I wasnt powered up the whole run, but I had no bigger board or sail to use.
The following hour I did a fe...w more runs, but the wind didn't get stronger so I quit sailing the canal and went out in the lagoon.
( only Heidi, Remo Dietjelms girlfriend went out as wel on a FSW 93 with 3.7 Purelip wave.) After all there was wind enough to have
a good session at open water and I was so eager to test the new RRD Racesail. After having sailed in the steep chop in the lagoon,
I checked the times set meanwhile on the canal and saw that I had no longer the fastest time but had become third of the windsurfers.
But no stress at all because I had sailed a lot faster in the open water, with a new sail and that is always a superb experience,
I'll tru to post my GPS-file tonight.

Paar sfeer pics....

Going down the line, a bit onderpowered, I never planned on using a 6,3 here!

Rider: Anthony Chaffron

This was my maidentrip on the Proto RRD Firewing 5.5 in open water, impressive scenery,
with just some seals and a lot of Flamingos. Pure adrenaline rush.

Dit was mijn, en de eerste run officiele run van het event, ik had 5 kilo lood op mijn borst hangen en dat was net teveel om volledig gepowered door te kunnen varen,
toch was het ff de snelste tijd. maar dit zijn tijden die we in Holland ook nog kunnen varen(tenmiste als men voor 500m gaat en niet voor 10 sec runs)
ik heb een run of 5-6 gezet tot ik het een beetje beu was om te staan wachten op een vlaag (leek net het BK speed!!) dus neen dank je,
setje wat geprepareerd en dan gaan knallen op open water. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Proud and honoured to have been the first windsurfer on the canal for the 2013 edition. "Let the games begin"

Even more wind then yesterday, a part of the canal is covered with a sandcarpet due to the ongoing sandstorm.
They forecasted less wind but I think were at 55-60+ kts.
Patrik wanted to try with a Loft Blade 5.6 but got simply blown of his f...eet while his brother was trying to connect the sail to his board.
Remo ended up getting a kiss from the mast. And this was still in the partly windcovered starting area!!!!
Complete madness, our 20 foot steal container is rocking during the gusts! all of this under a sunny sky ofcourse.
They said it will be less windy tomorrow,....I home so.

Photo: Even more wind then yesterday, a part of the canal is covered with a sandcarpet due to the ongoing sandstorm. They forecasted less wind but I think were at 55-60+ kts. Patrik wanted to try with a Loft Blade 5.6 but got simply blown of his feet while his brother was trying to connect the sail to his board. Remo ended up getting a kiss from the mast. And this was still  in the partly windcovered starting area!!!! Complete madness, our 20 foot steal container is rocking during the gusts! all of this under a sunny sky ofcourse. They said it will be less windy tomorrow,....I home so. Greetz B-33

the Speedcanal seen from the bend were the starting zone ends, at this moment the wind was already getting a bit less ,
but you can still see a small gust hitting it somewhere in the middle, earlier on the day, the canal was covered at certain moments for 3/4 .

Photo: @ Dirk, the Speedcanal seen from the bend were the starting zone ends, at this moment the wind was already getting a bit less , but you can still see a small gust hitting it somewhere in the middle, earlier on the day, the canal was covered at certain moments for 3/4 .

This will be the finishline. We start rigging now and hope for the best. Check gps speedsurfing tonite.

And this is the first water coming in, the strong wind hold up the high tide but...
The crew say we will sail in 1.5 hours from now. It looks so unreal this canal can fill up in that short of time. Anyway they are starting up the timing.

This is what the canal looked like at 14h00 the high tide of last night didn't deliver! But...

Maidentrip for the board, sail, fin, and boom, it was over a year ago that I sailed a speedboard,
so sailing in a serious chop with wind gusting between 25-30 kts was pretty exiting.

Somebody pulled out the plug of the canal.
But it should be ok by tomorrow, we will have 40+kts and the timing will be running for testing.
Went out today at the lagoon for trimming and tuning of the 4.6 speedblade. Will do a post at gps-speedsailing


Luderitz town 5 okt 2013.

Tijd om ff rustig mijn afgelopen hectische dagen te overschouwen en de stress van me af te schrijven.
Het is met een aantal dingen wel echt kantje boord geweest.
Zo wilde het trio Gasoil (type ELS 18-20 T-specifieke asymmetrische vinnen) pas op de allerlaatste moment in de bus vallen en
zonder die dingen zag het er niet bepaald goed uit.
Reeds een half jaar terug cont...acteerde ik enkele merken voor deals rond de specifieke vinnen voor het kanaal,
maar uiteindelijk na een avondje stappen met albeau op de RRD meeting, ging ik voor zeker en maakte
een deal met zijn leverancier(tevens ook de vinnenboer van Anders, dat kan tellen als referentie tuurlijk).
Een proto van de RRD Firewing was me door RRD saildesigner beloofd op diezelfde meeting in Tenerife,
maar deze zou uiteindelijk verloren geraken tijdens transport van Italie naar Belgie. Voor de leek kan dit raar klinken,
maar met 1 op de 3 transporten gaat wel iets (grondigds) fout, dus ik had al een plan B klaar. Brits Speedmonument Dave White
was zo vriendelijk mij de enige andere proto te verschepen, dewelke gelukkig wel aankwam. Maar nog was niet alle stress geleden.
Loftsails designer Monty Spindler had samen met Patrik Diethelm het plan opgevat enkele speed proto's te maken met
de ervaring van vorig jaar erin verwerkt. Wel maar een heel beperkte reeks van 3 maten (4,6-5,1-5,6) en alleen voor Loft teamriders.
Ik was dus niet een beetje blij toen ik mijn bestellingkje mocht doorgeven. Omdat ze niet met de gewone Loft Blades konden
worden geproduceerd waren ze wel iets prijzigers en omdat ze echt pas op het laatste nippertje klaar waren, moesten ze ingevlogen worden uit HongKong.
Desondanks waren ze toch te laat in Frankrijk om gewoon geleverd te kunnen worden,
dus kon ik zondagnacht ff snel in de auto stappen voor een retourtje van 1000km richting Normandië.
De Europese stock van Loft ligt een stukje onder LeHavre.
Maar maandagavond had ik dus heel de boel netjes bij elkaar om op

ik had gehoopt on vandaag met mijn Duitse maten te gaan speeden, maar Christiaan sms-t net dat ze 2 boardbags ontbreken en
dus een dag moeten wachten in CT tot Turkisch ze terugvind.
Als dat maar goed komt.
omdat mijn pc kuren heeft, kan ik alleen pix uploaden via iphone.
Stay tuned Alain B-33
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De kop is eraf! wat een dagje! om half drie stond ik nog in het midden van, het kanaal op de finish line en 2 uur later zette ik
daar een 360° tegen 40kts! Seb de organisator van het gebeuren ging er als eerste op en ik als tweede maar wel als eerste en enige windsurfer.
De 2 andere windsurfers zagen het niet zo zitten. Ik moet toegeven dat ik nog nooit met zoveel schrik gesurft had.
Ik koos dan o...ok voor de makkelijke combinatie, de 43cm met een 4,6 SpeedBlade
Seb kent het kanaal en de 3 andere kiters die er vandaag op zijn gegaan hadden zijn eerste runs als referentie,
maar ik moest het zelf maar uitzoeken. ik had vooral mijn bedenkingen bij de finish zone, maar de race-jibe is mijn lieveling en
die ga ik hier geregeld kunnen smijten, van de moetes wel te verstaan. Ik heb maar 2 runs gedaan vandaag.
De eerste volledig op de armen, ik was wel ingehaakt uit de lanceringszone gekomen, maar een 10-tal meter voor ik effectief in
de winderige zone zou komen en dus vooruit gekatapulteerd zou worden, haakte ik, voor ik hetzelf goed en wel besefte uit.
Het zag er dan ook niet uit, er stond 25-30 kts wind, maar er werden vlagen gemeten van dik 50 en dat was er aan te zien.
Bij het aftuigen kwam een van de Fransen vertellen dat zijn maatje 58 kts gemeten had.
Mijn eerste run was natuurlijk tricky, Seb had me een volledige motorcross protectie geleend en gaf me een 15 cm vinnetje,
maar die paste natuurlijk niet in mijn base, dus nam ik mijn eigen kleinste van 18cm dan maar. Hij stelde dat we gerust heel de strip mochten afstappen
om de diepte te checken, maar dat is onbegonnen werk natuurlijk. gemakkelijk gesproken als je maar met enkele cm vinnen bezig bent natuurlijk.
Dus ik ben ervoor gegaan. Omdat ik maar een piek van 38 kts wilde ik perse nog een run zetten. Met 2,5 cm meer downhaul en de giek een stuk
naar beneden (en een plak lood van 5kg op mijn rug), ging ik dus voor nr2. De wind was ondertussen nog vlageriger geworden zodat ik 2 herstarts
moest doen om in de plané te geraken. ik voer 1/3 gepowered, 1/3 underpowered en een bepaald stuk zag het water in het kanaal gewoon
wit van de wind en werd uit het kanaal geblazen. Dat was bangelijk omdat ik wist dat ik er gewoon door moest, dus nog net voor ik de vlaag indook
kon ik uithaken en ik overleefde het. mijn piek lag meteen een kleine 4 kts sneller...Wat enkele kilootjes lood al niet kunnen doen
(en wat meer downhaul ook natuurlijk) Kortom, ik ben heeeel blij dat ik erop ben durven gaan en weet dat ik in iets
minder extreme omstandigheden met vertrouwen zal kunnen varen en dat heb je hier hard nodig om hard te gaan.
Morgen zou het wat rustiger zijn, dus moet er meer uit komen.
Stay tuned Alain B-33


Vrijdag 4 okt
Heerlijk geslapen en lap het waait al, eerst nog een bescheiden 15 kts, ik zie de schuimkoppen 400 m voor de deur passeren.
Rainer stelt me gerust en stelt voor pas vanmiddag te gaan varen het gaat een rustig dagje van 25kts worden, niet meer.
Ik neem dan maar alle tijd om alles terug te monteren en men laatste zeil te stickeren en tegen 14 uur ga ik eens kijken naar het kanaal in de 2nd lagoon.

Verdorie 25Kts? Vergeet het maar lulls van 25 kts eerder denk ik met vlagen naar dik 35kts.(en dit is een wind met hoge densiteit!)
In de stad merk je het zo niet en de 2nd lagoon is natuurlijk een microklimaatje, dus ik meteen terug naar de stad om mijn 4,6 en 340 mastje te gaan halen.
Gezien de voorgeschiedenis met de arm ben ik ook totaal niet fysiek voorbereid op dit event en wil ik dus het weinig kruit
dat ik heb hier al niet meteen op dag 1 verschieten terwijl er niet eens een timing draait. Het kanaal staat trouwens gewoon nog droog,
dat ziet er echt onwezenlijk uit, maar het springtij van vannacht kan alles in enkele uren natuurlijk grondig veranderen.
Ik ga er met knikkende knietjes op terwijl Minos verkiest te wachten. De wind is toch wat vlagerig en hij weegt bijna 100 kilo en
wil dus niet graag iets riskeren, er is helemaal geen rescue en 200m verder downwind ligt een oesterbank....
Terwijl ik mijn eerste beach start wil doen, merk ik dat mijn fin-cover er nog opsteekt, zenuwen zeker? Maar als ik in no-time wegraak
en merk hoe gemakkelijk mijn setje vaart en mijn eerste gijpjes probleemloos draai, valt de stress van mijn schouders en vaar ik een rakje
of 10 over en weer en dan kom ik er terug af. Meer moet dat niet zijn! Bij het aftuigen stel ik dan ook nog eens vast dat ik zelfs
vergeten was mijn vin vast te schroeven!!! Ze ging er nogal moeilijk in en ik had ze daar terplaatse tegen de rotsen moeten bijschuren,
dat was mijn geluk geweest denk ik, anders was ik meteen een splinternieuwe Caspar 20 kwijt geweest. Zenuwen zeker?
S'avonds terug naar diezelfde kroeg voor buffet a volonté met een liter weissbier voor omgerekend 20 euro.

Restoring cams, adding spacers, preparing for first session later this afternoon with Minos, were the 2 first to arrive on the spot.
Sun, sea and wind, that looks great

Donderdag 3 okt
Terug de baan op om 9 uur na een charmant ontbijt in de lokale winkel annex restaurant en om iets na 13uur was
ik in Noordoewer en de grens al gepasseerd (710 km van CT). Daar moest ik kiezen uit 3-4 routes.
De lange via Keetmanshoop, daar had ik geen zin in want dat was gewoon macadam-malen.
Een van de 2 tussenroutes(via Grünau of via Ai-Ais en alzo via het Gondwana Park naar Seeheim),
maar die had ik deels al eens gereden toen ik met mijn ouders in 2006 een trip had gedaan in het zuiden van Namibia,
dus koos ik voor de kortse route (die wel nadrukkelijk door de organisatie was afgeraden.)
Die bleek heel mooi te zijn. De middenroute is natuurlijk ook niet mis want dan passeer je via het viewpoint
van de Fish river Canyon en dat MOET je gewoon gezien hebben (tenminste als je de Grand Canyon in de states nog niet gezien hebt).
Maar ik had de korte route thuis eerst gechekt via Google Earth en ze zag er best te doen uit. Ik zorgde wel voor een bus van 5 liter water,
2 kilo dadels en een groot pak "Allbran Beskuit", just in case...en de eigenaar van het benzinestation in Noordouwer
verzekerde me dat het peanuts was om die route te doen, hij was geboren en getogen in Rosh Pinah en wist dus waarover hij sprak.
Als het met de timing lukt in de terugrit, ga ik zeker de Fish river Canyon nog eens bekijken.
Maar ik reed dus via Richtersveld en Rosh Pinah. Het was prachtig, een sightseeing trip op zichzelf, ik zag op heel de rit slechts 2 wagens,
een hoop apen en dies meer en de weg slingerde een groot deel langs de oevers van de Orange(rivier) wat natuurlijk ook heel mooi om zien was.
Tenslotte reed ik bijna 200 kilometer minder dan Minos die dan ook 2 uur later dan mij aankwam in Luderitz.

Ik ben blijkbaar de eerste van de hele (speed)bende die hier gaat neerstrijken. Verblijven doe ik in een super relax guesthouse "ElementRiders".
Rainer van ElementRiders, heet me hartelijk welkom en na een douche stelt hij voor samen de tofste kroeg van het stadje in te duiken...ik volg.

Nuking winds welcome me in Luderitz after a 50 hours trip, it's been 8 years and it looks like nothing has changed
( besides the fact there happens to be a speed channel in the 2nd lagoon)
Photo: Nuking winds welcome me in Luderitz after a 50 hours trip, it's been 8 years and it looks like nothing has changed( besides the fact there happens to be a speed channel in the 2nd lagoon)

Update 01/10/13:

Yes, my ASY Gasoil Speedfins arrived!
JIT- Delivey! So now its fin-tuning, it's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it.

Dinsdag 1 okt om 16u te kunnen inchecken.

Met 119 kilo netjes verspreid over 2 boardbags, een golfzak, een mastbag en mijn rugzagje handbaggage,
kwam ik er met 180Euro extra bijbetalen (wel maar voor enkele trip tot CapeTown) vanaf. Eerlijk gezegd het ging vlotjes,
geen gezeik aan de toog, er is een reden waarom alle windsurfende Kaap-gangers voor Turkisch kiezen.
Vlucht : Brussel - Istanbul – Johannesburg - Cape Town.
Mijn aankomst in CT (Woensdag 2 okt 13u30) was aangenaam te noemen, niet verwacht dat het zo'n klein luchthaventje zou zijn
en toen ik aan de bagageband kwam aangeslenterd , lagen mijn 2 boardbags al te wachten (wel met wat scheuren erin, maar swoit)
5 minuten later hadden we alles!
Ik moet zeggen "we" want ik Istanbul was ik "Minos" een Griekse speedbuddy tegengekomen.
Altijd leuker en vooral praktischer om met 2 te reizen, onze berg bagage is erg onhandig om door schuifdeuren te krijgen.
Volgende fase was de rentalcar gaan oppikken, dat was ook niet veel stress en na een half uurtje papierwerk kreeg ik de sleutel
en de bediende fronste niet eens de wenkbrauwen toen ze mijn kar met de bagage zag. Ze zijn hier wel wat gewoon natuurlijk.
Ik had voor alle zekerheid tijdens het afwerken van de papierwinkel de kar uit haar zicht gezet.
Inladen kostte ons wel een dik half uur. Omdat ik niets op het dak wilde leggen, was het alles uitladen en in de Polo proppen,
het is tenslotte nog een trip van dik 1300 km noordwaarts bollen.
Om 14u40 uur vertrokken we met de bedoeling tot in Garies te geraken, zo'n 469km noordelijker. De wegen zijn uitstekend en
naar onze normen gewoonweg verlaten (eens je een beetje buiten Kaapstad komt) Wel geregeld moeten stoppen voor wegenwerken,
maar als Belg kan je daar wel mee leven. Het landschap(dat ik tropischer had verwacht) varieerde van stijl binnenland Spanje tot steeds maar droger,
stijl binnenland Fuerte tot tenslotte steenwoestijn.
In de pikkedonker aangekomen in Garies, was ons enig beschikbaar avondeten wat pakjes Biltong en blikjes Stoney Ginger Beer.
Minos had gereserveerd en dus een bed, ik sliep op de zetel.